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How to restore Kitchen Sink in WordPress?

Sometimes, you don’t find “kitchen sink” in your WordPress Admin panel. Most likely, this is due to some conflict with the plugins. An easy way around to solve this error: Insert this code into functions.php file: function unhide_kitchensink( $args ) { $args[‘wordpress_adv_hidden’] = false; return $args; } add_filter( ‘tiny_mce_before_init’, ‘unhide_kitchensink’ ); (Insert this code into functions.php file.) – Enjoy!


How to exclude categories from the Widget

While using WordPress, you may need to exclude or hide certain categories from the categories widget. There are some plugins available to achieve this, but inserting suitable code is advisable. Here is the code: function exclude_widget_categories($args){ $exclude = “1,15,22”; // The IDs of the excluding categories $args[“exclude”] = $exclude; return $args; } add_filter(“widget_categories_args”,”exclude_widget_categories”);   Insert this code before ?> in theme function.php file. (Note: The category numbers 1,15,22 is just for illustration. You need to replace with yours.)    


Google Analytics Goal setting in Contact Form 7

I came across this technical challenge of setting Google Analytics goal with contact form 7 plugin. I browsed many forums and finally derived a solution – though it would be useful for any one struggling with it. In Google Analytics account: Go to Admin >> Goals and start setting up goal (obviously to track contact form submissions). In ‘Create a Goal’, select ‘Custom’. Input some suitable name and select ‘Destination’ radio button. Now, in destination, specify some fake URL like ‘thankyou.html’ which is non-existing [...]